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Survival Guide Essay

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Writing academic papers or just your normal day to day school work can be very intimidating at times. As long as I have the determination and the drive to succeed, conquering these obstacles will be a relatively easy task. Unlike traditional college where you go in and sit in a class and have months before you finish, online schooling is much more demanding. It requires that you have the motivation to complete your work on time and learn the material that is presented in front of you. A lot of knowledge can be carried on from one’s high school experience but like many people, polishing up those skills you learned years back is much needed. What I hope to accomplish with my survival guide is ...view middle of the document...

To find this information on an internet site is difficult because many sites do not provide this information.
Academic honesty is another issue that a person needs to be very careful with. One thing that a student needs to always remember is to never commit plagiarism. Whether it is intentional or accidentally committed there are severe repercussions associated with this act. Just the fact alone of being removed from a college institution is a deterrent by itself. There are many ways to avoid plagiarism while attending college. Make sure to correctly cite all sources that were used in your work, whether the information you used was paraphrased or quoted. If you are not sure of whether to reference a source, do it anyways. It is better to reference a source and find out later down the road that you shouldn’t have than to find out you have been accused of plagiarism. Just remember that you are only setting yourself up for personal failure if you commit plagiarism.
The key to be successful in any sort of educational environment is to develop effective study skills. Early on I have been on my own trying to find my own unique study skills to fit my learning style. On an earlier assignment when I was asked to analyze my learning personality, I found I was a visual and hands on learner. With learning more about my unique learning style I was able to adapt better study skills to get the maximum amount of understanding out of the course work. For example, when I am reading course material I try to imagine visual thoughts in my head that I can connect with what I am reading. In turn this helps me comprehend and focus on what I am reading. With identifying these skills as my strong habits I have been able to come up with better study habits for myself.
An enormous problem that many individuals come across is managing their time wisely, to get the most out of it. Life can be chaotic at times and unfortunately time is not at our side most of the time. At times I find that I have to juggle my schedule around to give adequate amount of time to my school work. Overcoming this obstacle is relatively simple just by...

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