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HIV/AIDS Affect on the African American Community
Nicole Donald
Capella University

HIV/AIDS Affect on the African American Community
HIV/AIDS is prevalent in the African American community. African Americans are among the highest risk group for contracting HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS has been an issue in the African-American community for a number of years. This learner will provide a general overview on the ethnic population under study but will have a particular focus on black heterosexual men for the purpose contributing to the much lacking knowledge base on this particular population subset.
Problem Statement
The topic of HIV/AIDS is relevant to mental health counseling because this ...view middle of the document...

HIV risk for BHM and four community-based approaches to address HIV risk and prevention for BHM include: (1) men's health programs; (2) workforce and post-incarceration release programs; (3) linkages to women's prevention programs; and (4) faith-based initiatives. With this study’s particular interest in the BHM subset, the findings raised in this study will largely inform variable identification and framework analysis of my own in my bid to further research on the BHM subset (Bowleg & Raj, 2012).
This micro study looks at research implications on the study of the HIV-BHM subset. This qualitative phase of the HIV prevention study focused on Black heterosexual men, used intersectionality as a theoretical framework to explore: (1) How a sample of Black heterosexual men describe and experience the multiple intersections of race, gender, and SES; and (2) How these descriptions reflected interlocking systems of social inequality for Black men at the social-structural level (Bowleg, et al., 2013). Participants were 30 predominantly low-income self-identified Black heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 44. Analysis highlighted four themes that demonstrate how participants' individual-level experiences as Black men reflect macro social-structural inequality: (1) racial discrimination and micro aggressions; (2) unemployment; (3) incarceration; and (4) police surveillance and harassment. The authors discuss the study's findings within the context of social-structural factors that disproportionately and adversely impact Black men. Implications of the inter-sectionality perspective for HIV prevention research and interventions for the BHM subset is of relevance to my study as it provides an additional depth of knowledge essential in understanding the challenges of study of the subset (Bowleg, et al., 2013).
Sexuality and Prevention among Adolescents
There have been few studies on sexuality, relationships, and HIV prevention issues among HIV+ adolescents and fewer still that have dealt with youth living with HIV/AIDS since birth. In this qualitative study, the authors conducted individual, semi-structured, taped interviews on these topics with 29 youth prenatally infected with HIV. The 15 girls and 14 boys, 10-18 years of age, have been followed at the Centre Maternel et Infantile sur le SIDA (CMIS), Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine in Montreal (Fernet, et al., 2007). Content analysis of the interview transcripts revealed two dimensions related to HIV prevention. From a rational perspective, the youth were generally knowledgeable about modes of HIV transmission and modes of prevention, including consistent condom use. From an affective perspective, they were clear about their responsibility to protect their current or future partners but fearful that efforts to do so might disclose their HIV status with subsequent threat of rejection, stigmatization and compromised relationships. The concealment strategies...

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