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Survey Paper

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Survey Paper
In the world of research and information gathering there a number of tools and methods that can be used that will assist in the research process. Among these tools are surveys. Surveys allow researchers to obtain information from individuals through questionnaires delivered through mail, electronically via the internet, or in-person. The method of delivery for the current survey will be through the mail. This will enable researchers to reach a large geographical population range, as well as reach customers who may not frequently visit the business locations. The rate of response will inevitably be low, but a 30% return rate will be acceptable to acquire reliable data. The ...view middle of the document...

This will enable our researchers to obtain valuable information that may have otherwise been difficult or impossible to obtain.
Determining if the questions asked on a survey are relevant to and appropriate for addressing the research problem is very important. Providing useless questions will result in useless data, as well as wasted time and effort on the part of the researchers. Questions one through four of the survey are directed at obtaining personal information of the participants. Those questions will provide data on the age ranges, marital status, number of children, and average yearly wages of the customers. These questions, when combined with questions 5, 6, and 7 will help researchers identify who the highest users of the banks services are. Questions five through 7 provide data that will be used to determine which customers are the largest users of the banks services. These questions will tell researchers how much money is deposited on average, the purpose for the money and the interest earned on the money, and the number of active accounts that a customer may have. Therefore, questions one through 7, when combined, will provide the necessary data to identify who the highest users of the banks services are, and are appropriate to the problem statement. Questions 8, 9, and 10 are designed to collect data on the importance of interest rates on accounts to customer satisfaction. Question 8 is a yes or no question that will tell researchers if these individuals have ever switched banks for higher interest rates. This question will be perhaps the most appropriate as it will determine if customers have previously switched for reasons similar to the problem statement. Questions 9 and 10 will provide data that will help to display the customer’s opinions on interest rates, and determine how the interest earned on their accounts affects their plans for the ultimate goal of retirement.
The survey questions will be measured using a variety of rating scales. Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all use the category scale which elicits on response from a group of possible choices. Question 8 will be measured using the dichotomous scale, or is a simple yes or no question. This style of question is easy to measure as there are only two possible responses. Question 3 is a hybrid question which will use two rating scales the first is a dichotomous rating scale which elicits a yes or no answer. If yes is chosen, then a category scale is used in the question. The ninth question...

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