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Survey Of Software Systems Essay

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Case Study 1
1. What is Proctor & Gamble’s business strategy? What is the relationship of collaboration and innovation to that business strategy?
Proctor & Gamble’s business strategy seems to be to find creative ways to maintain the popularity and marketability of their current products as well as to continue to progress and cater to the needs of the “Facebook Generation” by creating newer, more modern brands. Collaboration and innovation play an integral part in that business strategy. As stated in the case study, Proctor & Gamble is a huge company with over 100,000 employees. This means that there are over 100,000 ideas for how to maintain and improve the marketability of the current ...view middle of the document...

As stated in the text, the standard for communication at Proctor & Gamble has been email, specifically Microsoft Outlook email. The key to making employees comfortable with the switch was to provide them a way to make the change gradually. Proctor and Gamble used Microsoft products primarily because they wanted to make sure the new systems were compatible with the old systems to provide that gradual transition for employees. Below is a list of collaboration systems implemented by Procter and Gamble.
- Instant messaging: This allows employees to communicate amongst themselves in near real time.
- Web conferencing: This allows employees to have conferences with one another from different parts of the world with the click of a button. It adds to the efficiency of the collaboration process tremendously.
- Microsoft Outlook: This is essentially a task management system. It provides the email access that employees are used to along with a task manager, calendar and note taking applications.
- Microsoft SharePoint server: This system provides employees a way to stay connected. Among other things, Microsoft SharePoint integrates the Microsoft Outlook accounts of employees so that an employee in California can view the calendar entries of an employee in Beijing.
- Teamcenter: These products make it simpler to share product data. It supports 3D product data sharing and is based off of Microsoft SharePoint which makes it compatible with the other Microsoft based...

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