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Surrogacy In Australia Essay

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Types of Parents and Carers
Biological Parents: A biological parent has provided the genetic material required for parenting. This means that the parent provides the sperm or the ova. Generally Biological parents contribute genetic material as a result of sexual intercourse. However, with assisted reproductive technologies, creation of a foetus may involve other procedures.
Social Parents: Social parents are not genetically related to the child but participate in the role of parenting. Social parents can become parents through adoption, fostering, step-parenting or surrogacy. The parents take on responsibilities of being a parent and may face particular difficulties due to the nature of ...view middle of the document...

The woman agrees to conceive, carry and give birth to a child for the couple wand then the intention that the child be handed over to the couple after the birth. A woman may need a surrogate if she is infertile, has had a hysterectomy or suffers from serious medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes. Surrogacy often means having IVF treatments as the surrogate mother may use donor ova/sperm or the parent’s own egg/sperm. NSW has no current laws about surrogacy. A surrogate motherhood contract is neither prohibited nor encouraged. So there is no way of enforcing a surrogacy agreement if there is a dispute after the birth. The NSW make it hard to legally recognise a woman as a mother if she is not the woman who gives birth. That is, if a dispute goes to court, the birth mother is assumed to be the true and legal mother. A person cannot be paid to be a surrogate, but generally the adoptive parents will cover all expenses. The biological father has no legal recognition as the father, even if he has provided the sperm. He must adopt the child to be recognised as its legal father. The infertile couple must apply to adopt the child, in order to be listed on the birth certificate as its legal parents.
Foster Parenting: Provides an alternative living arrangement for children whose parents are temporarily unable to care for them in their family home. Caregivers are volunteers that are paid a fortnightly allowance to help them meet the needs of the child, to...

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