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Surface Well Test Essay

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Karrym Rebay

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This is a paper that has been produced to help you better understand and work with the equipment you are familiar with and presently operating on your particular Well Test Unit.

It will give you more knowledge about, not only the operation, but also the maintenance and calibration techniques that will help you become more familiar with your own equipment.

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A well test is the measurement, under controlled conditions, of all factors relating to the production of oil, gas and water from a well. Acquired well test data is used to determine reservoir capabilities. Important decisions, such as production methods, well production improvement and developmental drilling are made from this information. Well testers have a responsibility to provide complete, accurate data of the reservoir performance.
In reservoir engineering, in which the well experiences changes in pressure, this is known as a pressure transient. At the surface, the fluids produced during pressure transients must be handled using temporary equipment. This is true because, in most cases, permanent production facilities have not yet been installed. The temporary surface testing equipment must safely and reliably perform a wide range of functions:

* Quickly control pressure and flow rates at the surface and shut the well. These are applicable to both exploration well testing and development testing (clean-up, etc).

* Separate the resulting effluent into three fluids (oil, gas and water) and accurately meter these fluids. Also to collect and separate solids when applicable.

* Collect surface samples.

* Dispose of the resulting fluids in an environmentally safe manner.
A standard surface testing equipment package is usually made up of:

* Surface safety valve
* Data header
* Choke manifold
* Emergency shut down (ESD) system
* Separator
* Surge tank
* Transfer pump
* Oil and gas diverter manifolds
* Related pipe work

Since the purpose of well testing is to gather information, well test equipment provides the means to obtain essential data such as;

1. Pressures

2. Temperatures

3. Production Volumes

4. Gas, Oil and Water Rates

5. Samples of Product Fluids

Surface well test equipment provides well control, data...

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