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Supporting Account Media Project Essay

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Supporting Account
Our task was to produce a teenage boy’s magazine which will be targeted at the opposite sex.
We worked in single sex groups consisting of four and we worked together to research into existing magazines which appeal to teenage boys and create a magazine that would appeal to their specific interests.
We researched into various magazine which appeal to the target audience we were going for, age 16-19 years old. We then settled on producing a car magazine which would specifically concentrate on affordable cars and how to improve what cars they have.This is especially important as this is our unique selling point as it offers an extremely different approach to cars. This is ...view middle of the document...

Overall, Bauer media has proved to have various forms of media in which our magazine could be successfully advertised and also a lower cost as i am using products within my chosen institute, Bauer Media.
After researching into Bauer media I was able to identify clear links for strong advertisement through synergy. We could use Bauer Medias various magazines, TV, radio and online stations to promote our own magazine. Bauer media owns the successful motor magazine “car”, aimed at men aged 25-30, which is similar in genre to ours meaning we could easily promote ours through that magazine.

Our magazine could be promoted through various methods, including successful forms of advertisement from Bauer media. We could promote it through leaflets, posters and various other relevant magazines. We could also promote it in recreational areas in which young men aged 16-19 would typically ‘hang out’, these include places including: shopping centres, cinemas and local shops. These will enable my audience to directly see advertisements for our magazine in their daily lives.
In terms of sale, our magazine will sell at the price of £3.50, this price is less than the vast majority of car magazines however, a high enough price for us to make a reasonable profit. Also, we tried to make our price reflect our magazine; we offer cheaper alternatives to existing cars at a cheaper price than normal auto magazines. This is also immensely important our magazine will also be sold in well established retail stores such as WHSmith as well as local newsagents which will make it more accessible for many who aren’t able to access large shops. I believe that our magazine could successfully be distributed in all areas within the UK; this is because it will offer young men from all over the country to learn ways in which they can improve the car they have.
I believe our magazine compares favourably with many existing magazines because it follows typical conventions of a boys magazine, however we had to adapt our magazine to create some individuality for a niche target audience.

Audience –
Our magazine is aimed at teenage boys aged 16-19, who have a general interest in cars. We also targeted our magazine at boys who are from a regular working class background hence the idea we offer a cheap and generally affordable alternative car. Our magazine doesn’t have a specific targeted ethnic background as cars are a general hobby or interest for any man regardless of background. This idea is expressed through including people of different backgrounds in our actual magazine e.g. my double page spread is a Lewis Hamilton interview and Lewis Hamilton is from a mixed race background. Also, the image I used as the editor on the contents page is of a middle aged white man. This offers...

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