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Support Young People In Relation To Sexual Health And Risk Of Pregnancy

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Learning Outcome 1
Understand the issues affecting young people in relation to sexual health and risk of pregnancy

Learning Outcome 1.1

Explain the issues affecting young people in relation to sexual health and risk of pregnancy, including peer pressure, consensual relationships, and readiness for sexual activity, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy options

There are a number of issues affecting young people in relation to sexual health and risk of pregnancy some of these being:

Peer pressure- A friend or recent partner maybe telling them that it is the right thing to do and that it doesn’t mean anything if you do it, also a group of friends may have ...view middle of the document...

Learning Outcome 1.2

Explain how age, maturity, ethnicity, culture, gender and beliefs can affect attitudes and behavior in relation to sexual activity, sexual health and pregnancy

Age plays a part in knowing what sex is and how it can affect you, a person being under the legal age to be involved in sexual activity with someone can be put into danger by not knowing the sufficient information. Someone who is in high school may think that it’s cool to be sexually active within the group of friends, but they can be confused about how it may affect them in the long run. Schools provide people with the sufficient information to make sure that students don’t make the wrong decisions in life and to make sure they know the ins and outs of it. A person who is above the legal age may still have doubts about it and may not know the consequences of their actions leaving them either with a sexually transmitted infection or unwanted pregnancy, so outside advisers make sure that anyone still has a point of contact for them to go to.

Learning Outcome 1.3

Explain the social, health and educational risk factors associated with early sexual activity or teenage pregnancy

Social risk factors associated with early sexual activity or teenage pregnancy- When an underage person has involvement with sexual activity and wants it to be kept between themselves and the person involved. Sometimes the other person may not keep their word which ends up with lots of rumors being circled around about them. This may affect their social groups as they may not want to be involved with someone who has done such activities. This may mean that over time the person may withdraw themselves fully from any social time with others. Not only is underage sex bad but having a teenage pregnancy could affect friendship groups all together, some people don’t want involvement with someone who is pregnant at such a young age which could end up also with the person withdrawing themselves from social groups and social times.

Health risk factors associated with early sexual activity or teenage pregnancy- There are many health warnings surrounding early sexual activity these could include catching any sexual transmitted dieses that may affect sexual partners in the future or having kids and passing it onto them. Teenage pregnancy can affect their health dramatically as the body at that kind of age is still developing and growing, having a child can affect their hormones and may cause complications in later life due to not properly going through the changes the body needs.

Educational risk factors associated with early sexual activity or teenage pregnancy- There are a number of things that can distract a person from being able to learn. Early sexual activity could leave me think about it day in day out and could disturb their learning as they are too focused on “did I do the right thing” or “what will happen now”. People who know about this might start spreading rumors...

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