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Support Positive Relationships Essay

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Identify the different relationships children and young people may have
Different relationships children could have include:
* Parents, siblings and extended family
* Friends, enemies
* Doctors, dentists, LAC nurse
* Social workers
* Teachers/tutors
* Carers
Explain the importance of positive relationships for development and well being
* Children’s welfare can be properly monitored
* Children are given constant care
* Children’s needs and interests are identified and met
* Skills and ideas can be shared
* Plans for children’s care and education are more effective

Explain the possible effects of children having restricted, or supervised ...view middle of the document...

It also gives children a better understanding of looking at things from someone else’s point of view, which can make them more responsible for their actions, gives them a chance of self-reflection & promotes greater resilience.

Explain how to support a child or young person who is distressed by relationship difficulties
Supporting children who are distressed by relationship difficulties depends on what kind of relationship they are distressed about. Listening to them gives them an outlet for their emotions, thoughts and what they are distressing about. In some situations, we can offer advice if they are willing to listen to it. If they are distressed about family relationships, there might not be much more to do than listen, unless we feel that they are in danger. If it is a friendship or a sexual relationship, we can offer them helpful advice and encourage them to make good decisions. In any situation, we can build up trust by never sharing what they tell us with anyone unless we believe that they are really in danger, in which case it is important to be honest and upfront about the fact that we HAVE to pass on this information to other people so that we aren’t doing so ‘behind their backs’.

Explain how to support a child or young person to end relationships that are making them unhappy
If a child has a relationship that is making them unhappy, we can support them to end the relationship by listening to what they had to say. We can also praise them for coming to us for help so that they know that it is okay to do so again. We can support, advise and reassure them, which in turn, would help to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence and hopefully help them to feel better about communicating with the other person and making the other person aware of the way that they are feeling. We need to let them know that we are going to keep it confidential (unless suspected danger) so that they know they can trust us. Then we can talk it through with them, highlighting the good points and the bad points of the relationship so that they could see it from both angles and get a better view on the situation. We could also remind the child/young person that it is okay to end the relationship for a while, or indefinitely if they are not happy with the direction in which it was going.

Describe the circumstances that would result in a relationship causing concern and the actions that should follow
Circumstances that would result in a relationship causing concern would be any kind of abuse.
Physical abuse – signs and symptoms:
* If a child has unexplained, recurring injuries or burns
* Bruising in unusual places. E.g. inner arms and thighs
* If a child wears long sleeved clothes in hot weather, possibly to cover injuries
* If the child refuses to get undressed for P.E at school
* Patches of hair missing
* If the child continues to run away from home, time after time
* Fear of being examined at the doctors

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