Supplychain Essay

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Business Policy & Strategy Date: --------------

Final Project (WAC)

University of Central Punjab

Course Instructor: Farooq Omar

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Group - Names:


Business Plan

(type in trading name)

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Prepared (date)

Purpose of the business plan
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The business 5
Mission statement 5
Business objectives 5
Description of business activity 5
Commencement date 5
Commencement capital 5
Business structure 6
Competitive advantage 6
Owner or owners’ profiles 6
Major clients 7
Licences and registrations 7
Business advisors 7
Current performance 9

Industry analysis 10
Industrial category: 10
Political 10
Economic 10
Social 11
Technological 11
Industry 11
Competition 11
Key success factors 11

Marketing plan 12
Market and situation analysis 12
Market segmentation and customer analysis 13
Objectives and goals 14
Strategies and tactics 15

Operational strategy 17
Location and premises 17
Plant and equipment 17
Inventory 18
Major suppliers 19
Number of days stock to be held 19
Stockturn rate 20
Reorder points 20
Shrinkage 20
Pricing of products/fee structure 20
Merchandising 21
Fee Structure 21
Personnel (human resources) strategy 22
Strategic alliances 23
Environmental strategy and Business Model 23

Financial strategy 24
Financial objectives 24
Capital structure: debt equity ratio and working capital 24
Sales, purchases, debtor collections and payments forecasts 25
Cashflow forecasts 25
Income statement and balance sheet forecasts 26
Balance sheet 27
Breakeven analysis 27

Appendices 28
The business

Mission statement

A mission statement is aimed at your customers and should sum up in simple terms what you do, how you do it and why.

Business objectives

Business objectives define what the business is aiming to achieve.

Your objectives should be measurable and include a mix of short and long-term goals.

It’s a good idea to include your personal objectives in this section which should underpin your reasons for going into business. This is also where you outline your exit strategy for the business which may include passing the business on to your children, seeking investors or partners or selling the operation to fund your retirement.
Consider how your exit strategy fits with your business and personal objectives.

Name, address and contact details

(Type in here the trading name of the business)
(Street address)
(Postal address – if different)
(Telephone number)
(Fax number)
(Website address)
(Business Number)

Description of business activity

Type in here a concise description of the business including what type of goods or services it provides and to what type of market.

Commencement date

Type in here when the business commenced / or is going to commence operating.

Commencement capital

List the capital the business started with and specify the amount provided by each owner if there’s more than one. If monies were borrowed to start the business, state the amount borrowed and from whom.

Business structure

State here which legal structure the business operates under:...

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