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Supply Chain Essay

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1. This Exam is due in at the beginning of the next class. Please use

2. The exam is offered in two parts: (a) problems/short essays (70%), and

(b) a case study on Westminster Company, Case 4, text pages 454-459 (30%).

3. In general, page limit is one-half a page per sub-question. This limit is intended to make you communicate complex ideas in a succinct manner. You may include as many figures, tables, graphs, as necessary to provide supporting documentation to your written text.

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* The integration between marketing efforts and logistics allows for lower cost and greater performance outputs by both parties, as the combined effort enables the business to evenly split key tasks, which would otherwise be done separately.

1C) What points do you whish to stress to the team?

Interchangeable or reusable parts are a lot cheaper and easier to work with. I would stress to the team that it is a lot easier and more effective to work with materials that you can swap between each other rather then dealing with a bunch of individual units. It is also cost efficient to have retail products that work with each other.

Explain the importance and implications of the points presented

* Lower cost of good, higher margins, and more effective production lines when running only a few materials rather then a wide variety
* Inventory is easier to maintain and less space is used, less safety stock is needed as well
* Economies of scale are reached quicker when you can constantly drive your cost lower by having fewer differentiators to manufacture
* “Add on” features lower production cost as well
* Ensure up to date fill rate and required safety stock

1D) Using logistics/supply chain thinking, explain how food safety can be improved.

Manufacturing plants specialize in beef, pork, and fish products. (Just a basic few as an example) There are a few ways to improve food safety as viewed by supply chain thinking. First manufacturing plants should not deviate into cross contamination of food, by this meaning, a plant that slaughters cows to produce the beef should not have foods that do not need to be cooked, as in (vegetables) on or near the same production line. By removing two different edibles in the same manufacturing plant will remove food bacteria from entering into other non-perishable foods. Refrigeration is also key when dealing with raw meat, a production line should efficiently work where once the animal has been slaughtered the meat should be frozen within 30 minutes to reduce spoil and bacteria. Quality control and inspections are also implemented to make sure the quality of the food is maintained from beginning to end. The belt moving the food products should be smooth, as in constantly running with out any hiccups, this is important dealing with raw meats because the meat should only be at room temperature for so long until the bacteria inside of it starts to eat away at the food, making it unsafe to consume. Main points in the paragraph are to not cross contaminate, keep constant refrigeration, quality control inspections, and proper storage.

Question 2a):
Explain why the owner feels that logistics and supply chain management processes provide the keys to gaining advantages over competitors [5 points]
* Logistics is important in many aspects of business, however in GWF’s case without it the company will fail.
* The owner believes that logistics will get their company to begin delivering...

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