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Supervisory Essay

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Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services Staff

June, 06, 2011

Of course being employed and working can have its perks such as financial gain and interactive aspects; but here we will take a look at the other side of working and that is the subject of “Burnout” which is something that can really cause us much strife!
Burnout on the job consists of the results that the experience of working leaves on the body and the mental status of the employee. The employee may run into many situations that begins to take effect on their comfortable zones on the job, leading to exhaustion, anxiety and even fear within the ...view middle of the document...

Organizational burnout consists of individuals that has had enough and has reached their limits within an organization; the people within this organization may feel that they want to resign because there are excessive amounts of negative sources and dysfunction involved within this group. Supervisory burnout comes from there being excessive problems with leading, stemming from excessive amounts of misbehavior from employees, enormous workloads, new functions and the fear of not doing an adequate job towards their superiors rules or striving hard to gain recognition and achieve awards, raises or etc. Social support can also have it’s burnout aspects due to the fact that some people aim to help but can be overly aggressive adding stress and exhaustion to the others involves, these people can make ones life miserable and leads to burnout aspects and confusion.
Downsides to burnout could result in: The inability to perform work correctly anymore due to lack of self worth, feeling tired and exhausted, emotional issues or depression, changes in appetite, changes in sleep habits, loneliness and withdrawal, fear leading to motivation issues, feeling helpless, not taking work related issues seriously, acting out on others, using drugs or alcohol in hopes to cover emotional issues; therefore the burnout aspect can be very detrimental towards a person so it should be avoided altogether or reversed if it comes to exists.
In order to gain achievement in the “Human Service” field will be to one must prevent this burnout, and ways that I would refrain from having to deal with burnout and would offer this information to others would be to first get enough rest and to eat properly, as we aim to take care of our physical and mental health. We can do this by watching out for and recognizing the signs of burnout to make sure that we do not get to that point and to also build up...

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