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Supervision Essay

993 words - 4 pages

Formal / Summative Assessment

One 1750 word essay applying the principles and theory of supervision to the students' own experiences.

Title –‘The importance of supervision within the counselling profession.’ This will include references to personal experiences of supervision. 1750 words

Please note: Students who have not yet experienced any supervision will need to make sure they have had the minimum of one session before they write the assignment (see assignment criteria two). The programme has a list of recommended supervisors students can refer to in order to arrange a one to one session with an appropriate supervisor.

Assignment Criteria

1. Analysis of basic concepts ...view middle of the document...

I believe that the supervisor embodies the objective view which the therapist is trying to develop for herself.

? helicopter?

? BACP No. 2 info sheet.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists (check title), assert that both counsellors and supervisors must have regular supervision/consultative support for their work (Ethical Framework 2010 p 6, para 7.) Look this up

There are several models of supervision and Barber (2006) indicates that supervisors assess which models or theories inform their practice.

There is a direct relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee and between the supervisee and the client, but no interaction between the supervisor and the client, although the supervisor will know a lot about the client from his relationship with the supervisee.





for ongoing monitoring and support, ensuring high standards of professional practice. Need to reword this in my own words.

Important for the reflective counsellor.


encourages reflective practice

either group or one to one


Have nearly always found it

Conscious and unconconscious forces? Humanistic?

2. Evaluation (assessment, appraisal) of student’s own use of supervision – weigh things up, look at the strengths, weaknesses and assess. – Judge the importance of
no. 2: 25% of answer

Develop main idea or argument through a number of paragraphs. One idea per paragraph. Support the idea within each para with examples and illustrations drawn from experience or other authors… I think… In my view…. I have found….

In favour of Against Alternatives

3 - 25% of answer
Application of the notion (idea, concept, theory, model hypothesis) of the internal supervisor to student’s evaluation of their own use of supervision. Judge the importance of

Patrick Casement:

5. [pic]


Clarity of expression and relevant literacy references


Summarise my main points using different words if possible. Comment generally on the topic of the essay indicating wider indications, future trends or scope for further consideration.

Helpful to be clear about context of supervision, what can be discussed in the...

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