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Superstition Essay

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Walking under a ladder brings you bad luck, wishing on a wishing star as it tails off in the sky, and crossing fingers for good luck are examples of the many types of unreasoned rituals that are very common nowadays. This is what superstition is all about. It is about incoherent beliefs and customs carried out with increasing popularity, by people all around the world. It is an irrational belief that does not have any fact or reason to support it. Its essence therefore lies in blind beliefs and habits that are generally accepted in a particular society and are scientifically unexplainable.
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Superstitions are more anchored in certain religions or communities. An author had succinctly described ‘superstition as the religion of feeble minds’. This is rightly said because it is easier to manipulate the mind of illiterate people and make them gobble anything, even unfounded.
Many persons parallel or amalgamate Religion and Superstition, when in fact these are of two distinct categories. Religious beliefs are facts and truth that are strongly adopted by people. Even though they lack an actual demonstration, they remain as subjects of faith and principles of fidelity to believers. On the other hand, superstitions are considered customs and manners that have been scientifically rejected for being incoherent with logic and reason. However, despite all of their contradictions, superstition and religion may adhere in situations related to God such as the sacred belief that God does exist, but is invisible for the reason that the eyes of us mortals cannot be exposed to divine vision and, therefore, God’s invisibility is there for our own protection.
Some people view superstitions as absurd and meaningless rituals, while other they profess the magic of superstition in their everyday life. They consider...

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