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How does Coleridge create a sense of the supernatural and why? Refer primarily to parts2-4. Talk about features and give reasons.In his poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge creates the sense of the supernatural offering the reader with a chilling dreamscape. The supernatural aspects of this poem also include strange affinities and predictions of the future in the form of dreams or the natural phenomena of storm and moonlight. The poet uses repeating symbols in create the supernatural. The "˜supernatural' is evident from the very start of the poem, once the main character the Ancient Mariner is introduced. For instance, the Ancient Mariner has a "long grey beard and ...view middle of the document...

This portrayal of the natural world could be described as supernatural in that nature is given attributes of life.Another example of the supernatural, is the albatross, which the mariner encounters on his journey. This creature would be seen as a symbol of freedom and hope, yet the albatross becomes a burden, so kills it and effects are seen in the natural world. The wind drops so that the ship is totally becalmed in the hot sun of the equator and "slimy things did crawl with legs/ upon the slimy sea" At night supernatural fires burn and some of the crew has dreams of the spirit from another world "that plagued us so".As a ship nears, the mariner manages to get enough moisture in his mouth to announce the coming of a ship by biting his arm and sucking the blood. This can be referred to the supernatural figure of a vampire. As the ship draw close he sees that it is like a skeleton. The entire ship has only a crew of two "" a red lipped gold haired deathly white woman and her death mate. The appearance of these two terrifies the mariner.The supernatural images of cold, heat and thirst correspond to the spiritual condition of the mariner. At first he is in spiritual fog. The ultimate sigh of his moral confusion comes with his shooting of the albatross, which leads to a hell like heat and physical state mirrors his spiritual dryness.To conclude, Coleridge is...

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