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Supermarket Rank Essay

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Supermarket Rankings


Tied: Carrefour, Auchan


Shanghai City Shop


Beijing Ito Yokado


Huapu (Jian Mart)


Aeon & Jusco Beijing (North China)






Wellcome (Hong Kong)

10 Vanguard
11 Tied: HuaLian (including Lianhua, Hualian, and Century

Mart), Lotus, Jusco (South China), Jusco (Hong Kong), Park and
The supermarket has done a lot in this area.
The supermarket has some limited policies
targeting this area.
The supermarket has begun some initial policies
to improve this area.

Shop, Chaoshifa, Jingkelong, and Wu-mart
19 Tied: Chengdu Ito Yokado, Tesco


1. No genetically engineered foods
The ...view middle of the document...

Information transparency

“highly polluting, high environmental risk,” and pesticides considered toxic to

The supermarket promises to make public its policies on banning GE foods and


above-mentioned priority pesticides, and other related matters, as well as its product

In the Hong Kong region, supermarkets are also supposed to take the initiative to

traceability system and complementary control measures.

implement measures to gradually decrease the total quantity of pesticides used
and evolve towards a model of ecological agriculture.

3. Establish product traceability and control
The supermarket promises to establish a comprehensive traceability and control
System for their entire supply and provide timelines to achieve it. A traceability
system tracks products from the field along the way to their supermarket shelves

6. Double standards
The supermarket has made commitments to ban GE foods and/or pesticides in
other countries or regional markets, but has given no such commitments in China
and Hong Kong (nationwide or regionally).

Why are genetically engineered (GE) foods dangerous?
There is still huge uncertainty regarding the long-term safety of GE foods. Scientific
experiments have found that animals fed GE foods exhibited allergy like reactions,
and some exhibited abnormal changes to their liver and kidney tissue. Releasing
GE crops into the environment can also contaminate and negatively impact natural
biodiversity. Extensive market research has found that consumers in China and
Hong Kong are clearly against GE foods. As such, Greenpeace is actively pushing
for supermarkets to respect consumer desires by making a commitment to non-GE

Why is Greenpeace asking supermarkets to ban
The health and environmental hazards of pesticides have been well
documented already. They can cause immediate as well as long-term
health damages. Some pesticides are highly poisonous in smallest
doses. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies pesticides
according to their acute poisonous; pesticides in Class 1 are extremely
hazardous or highly hazardous. The United Nations Food & Agriculture
Organization recommends that developing countries do not use WHO
I pesticides. Many organophosphate pesticides, which were developed
from war-time nerve gas research are listed in WHO’s classification,
in addition they pose long-term dangers for human health, especially
that of children. Many other pesticides are used in large quantities
threatening the environment and people, and pesticide residues can be
found in many foods including vegetables and fruit.
As a result, for the protection of human health and the environment,
Greenpeace is campaigning for supermarkets to ban the use of the
most hazardous pesticides as an immediate action.

Why should supermarkets take responsibility to protect
consumer safety and the environment?
Greenpeace supports the sustainable...

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