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Superior Being Essay

996 words - 4 pages

Name: Nguyen Tu Anh
Student ID: 570009C
First Year Seminar
Debate paper 1
Topic: Is it ever right to try to create a superior human being? - aye
When asking the question “Is it ever right to try to create superior human being?” we are actually raising two issues: whether it is justifiable to attempt to create superior human being in the first place and whether the being created is the right cause for that attempt. In this essay I would like to argue in favor of this argument, firstly by pointing out some benefits of creating a superior human being, followed by responding to possible oppositions against each of the two interpretations of the original question.
In my opinion, a superior ...view middle of the document...

The superior beings we create today will continue to look for ways to keep improving themselves. Ultimate superiority is impossible to achieve, yet I believe it is still the right cause to try to be as close to that perfection as possible.
While giving hopes of a better future for all, at the same time the idea of creating a superior human being also casts doubts and criticism over some issues. One possible argument concerning the attempt itself  is that it is against the course of nature. However what is natural is not always what is best, and throughout the history of mankind there have been many instances when we have to fight against nature for survival. The industrial revolution, the invention of medicines and vaccines… they can all be considered human acts that defied nature, yet they were crucial in turning us into human as we know today. If we have evolved from primitive hunters and gatherers to what we are nowadays thanks to our own innovations, why put a stop to it now? Why constrain ourselves within the limit of nature when it is clear that we have the potential to become much better? And it is not wrong to want to become better. We have always tried to be someone we are not yet to be, which is why we learn or work everyday, because we all want to achieve some goals that will turn us into better humans. If we see such desire as natural to mankind, then there should also be nothing unnatural in the desire of creating a superior human being.
Assuming that it is right to try to create a superior human being, does that mean superior human being deserves to be created? Another argument may arise from fear that this new being that we create may one day become so superior that it will bring an end to mankind. However, even if we do nothing, eventually nature will take its course and replace human with another species. Humans are no more...

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