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Super Power Essay

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Filix was no ordinary boy. He possessed an extraordinary ability of mind power. It seemed to be an apocryphal notion but it was true. Filix had no intentions to attract unnecessary attention from others. He knew that if the power was not dealt with wisely it could turn detrimental. When he first discovered his power he was only twelve-years old. His parents had died in a gruesome car accident when he was nine-years old. It seemed to be a very cruel fate for an innocent, harmless boy. Ever since then, he lived alone with his grandfather. Sadness used to linger in his eyes whenever he recalled the unfortunate accident

His grandfather had known about his power all along. “Why am I the only ...view middle of the document...

Filix lifted a 2 ton car off the ground and into the mid-air without even putting a finger on it.

The time was midafternoon, and the day was hot. June generally prompted torrents of rain, mocking anyone’s hope for summer. As, Filix was strolling home from a hectic day at college, he caught sight of an inquisitive stranger spying on him. He quickened his footsteps towards his house as he grew more and more anxious but each time, the stranger was successful in catching up with him. He was being pursued, that was clear, but why? Panic engulfed him. He dashed straight across the road of the impending doom. He did not see a car darting straight towards him. Before his natural instincts could kick in, the car knocked him down. Blood gurgled out of his head. After a few seconds, he dropped unconscious.

Felix slowly regained consciousness. He was tied up by four very strong iron- belt. He was alarmed and horror-stricken. His body ached in protest as he made efforts to move. Through his blurring eyes he observed that he was in a room where noticeably scientific experiments were conducted, a laboratory. He was bewildered. Why was he in such an unusual place like this? This surely must be a huge mistake, he thought to himself. What he did not know was that a rude shock awaited him. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Can anybody hear me? This has been a huge mistake.” After a series of unsuccessful shouts and curses, a man emerged from the doorway. He seemed to be a wizened old man probably in his 50s. He had long sharp nose and dull, expressionless eyes. He emanated evil. After further scrutiny, he found out that he was the same person who was following him.

Felix said frantically, “Sir there has been a huge mistake. I am not the one you seek for, please try and understand me.” The man approached him menacingly, stopped in front of Filix. Filix felt his heart skip a beat. The old man began, “There has been no mistakes ,” said he in a sinister tone. “All these years I have been waiting for this moment. The moment to show the world what I am really made of.” “I am...

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