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Sunsilk shampoo…product range

¨ Yellow Sunsilk with Bio Proteins from Vegetable Extracts:
Normal hair needs wholesome nourishment. New Sunsilk with Bio
Protein extracted from Vegetable milk has nutrients that deeply
penetrate each hair strand, to nourish it leaving hair strong and

¨ Black Sunsilk with Melanin from Plant Extracts:
Dull hair needs a rich black shine. New Sunsilk with Melanin
extracted from plants serves this purpose very effectively. It helps in the growth and retention of the black color of hair, giving it a rich black shine.

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Eventually after segmenting and targeting, the company is now positioning their product. They are now putting their product on the mind of their target audiences. They don’t want their product to be fantasized only but to be remembered by people.
This was the major segmentation used by the said product:
Geographic Segmentation, which is they first divide the markets into different geographical units such as nations, countries (Philippines and Brazil), Country Region (Particularly in Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), Density (Urban, Suburban and Rural)
Demographic Segmentation, which is they divide the market into group based on variables like age (adolescence and up), gender (it was really for female but now it can be for men too), family size (it’s for families 1-2, 3-4, 5+), family life cycle (young, single, married, no children, young married, older, married with children) and Nationality (Filipino and Brazilian)

The company promoted Sunsilk in different kinds of advertisement. First print advertisement, the...

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