Sunlight Hospital Quality Improvement Plan Essay

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Time and again, hospitals are often called upon to improve the quality of its various health care activities in order to better serve patients and immediate communities. A quality improvement plan thus helps in the selection of high priority areas and the utilization of evidence-based practices in conducting the improvement (Berenguer et al., 2010). In view of the healthcare improvement needs of Sunlight Hospital, this paper seeks to classify and justify five measurements of quality of care in a hospital, specify the four main features in a health care organization that can be used in the design of a quality improvement plan, and suggest the salient reasons quality of care ...view middle of the document...

2. Outcome measures
Outcome measurements are used to evaluate the health status of patients following the care he/she has received in a given hospital. The measurements look at both the intended and unintended effects such care might have had on the health status of patients and general function. They also help evaluate the level to which a hospital is achieving its goals as they relate to the care being provided to a patients. Outcome measurements usually include traditional measures such as mortality, morbidity, and issues that are related to quality of life. They incorporate patient satisfaction reports related to the healthcare services they have received. These measures are important to patients looking for a hospital as he/she may seek the opinion of persons who have previously received medical care in a given hospital (Jha &Epstein, 2010).
3. Patient Experience Measurements
These measurements provide feedback of a patient’s experience with the care offered at a given hospital. These measurements assess a wide range of factors including interpersonal aspects of care, clarity of - and ease of access to - information provided by the physician, speed of medical staff’s response to the patient’s urgent care needs, among other factors. These measurements are used by patients in their subjective evaluation during their process of choosing a hospital for emergency care or in-patient care. This information will often be provided by relatives, friends, and other members of community. This is because patients are very interested in knowing whether a given hospital will provide effective care and treatment.
4. Process measures
This are used to establish the extent to which hospitals provide patients with specific services that are recommended for their particular conditions or disease. These measurements are often linked to treatment procedures that have been established to improve health status, as well as to minimize or prevent complications. Patients will be interested in knowing whether a hospital adequately conforms to recommended quality guidelines before they check-in for treatment (Berenguer et al., 2010).
5. Quality of care measures
These quality measures are expected to go beyond the current treatment needs thus seeks to establish whether a hospital or care provider meets the operational standards. For instance, a patient may receive smoking cessation advice in addition to the primary care he or she is receiving for their illness. Care quality appears to be or reflects a key concern for patients suffering from life threatening illness and will almost always be a determining factor in choosing a hospital (Jha &Epstein, 2010).
Four main features that can be used to design quality improvement plan in health care organizations
Numerous complaints from patients at the Sunlight Hospital concerning the quality of care received from hospital employees have been documented. In particular, these complaints have been in...

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