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Sundale Club Case Analysis

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Sundale Club Case Analysis
The company had gained a prestigious reputation and was highly recommended. A waiting list was established in order to accommodate future club members. The company’s reputation really started to suffer in the past few months of hiring a new activity manager. While reading this case study I noted several problems that were caused by an employee’s behavior toward club members and colleagues and the failure of top level management to handle the issues appropriately. Key employees where lost due to the inappropriate handling of the situation. This paper will discuss the micro, macro problems, causes, the systems affected, alternatives, and recommendations on how ...view middle of the document...

Several key employees will be lost to the competition.
The first cause is Sundale was once considered a prestigious club and once had a waiting list of future members. Now the reputation of the club is on the line and they are losing members. The waiting list has been exhausted and Watts is looking for ways to fill membership vacancies. “Sundale once had a waiting list for those wishing to join, but in the past few months the list has been exhausted and the director, Bob Watts, is considering a membership drive to fill unexpected membership vacancies” (Brown, 2011, p. 253). The second cause is that there is conflict among the employees. Due to Johnson’s promotion Pat Franklin is upset. “Pat Franklin was bent” (Brown, 2011, p. 253). It was expected by the staff members Franklin would receive the promotion due to her experience and dedication to the company. The employees were shocked when Johnson was promoted, even with all the problems his inappropriate behavior is causing. The third cause is that when Frank Havens sensed his staff was upset that he was not responding to their complaints about Johnson he requested a meeting with Ted Ellis. Ellis is good friends with Johnson and cannot separate their friendship from the business. “Ted Ellis was extremely defensive about Johnson and shouted, ‘Chuck Johnson has more savvy about this business in his little finger than the whole bunch of you put together’” (Brown, 2011, p. 253). The fourth cause is when Havens spoke to Watts about the situation, Watts tried to smooth things over, because he decided that it was not wise to rock the boat being that his retirement is just around the corner. “Watts was due to retire next year, so he did not want to rock the boat in the final days of his tenure with Sundale” (Brown, 2011, p. 253).
Systems Affected
There are several systems affected. The first one I noticed is the Values and goals system. If Sundale does not value their club members and employees opinions...

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