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Sun Microsystems A Quick Survey

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Fakult¨t IV – Elektrotechnik und Informatik a Fachgebiet Intelligente Netze Prof. Anja Feldmann Juhoon Kim, Franziska Lichtblau, Arne Ludwig, Philipp Richter, Florian Streibelt

10th Assignment: Network Protocols and Architectures, WS 13/14
Question 1: (20 points) Fairness of TCP: AIMD vs. AIAD Refer to the figure on the right which illustrates the convergence of TCP’s additive-increase, multiplicative-decrease (AIMD) ...view middle of the document...

Would the resulting additive-increase, additive-decrease converge to an equal share algorithm? Justify your answer using a diagram similar to the figure on the right.

Full bandwidth utilization line Equal bandwidth share

Connection 2 throughput



Connection 1 throughput

Question 2: (10 points) Resource Allocation: Congestion Control Discuss how the Internet would look like if every flow would be based on UDP and does not use congestion control. Question 3: (10 points) Security of ARP Explain the principle of ARP spoofing and discuss a way to defend against it. Question 4: (10 points) Switching Loops For redundancy reasons it might be a good idea to have a switch connected to several switches instead of only one. Have a look at the Figure below and explain why it can cause problems having switches S2 and S3 connected to both switches S1 and S4 and what can be done to prevent this.

Due Date: Wednesday, January, 15th 2014 only until 09:55 h s. t. • As PDF files (no MS Office or OpenOffice files): Uploaded via ISIS (https://www.isis. • Put your name, StudentID number (Matrikelnummer) and the name of your tutor on your solution.

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