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Summer Reading Essay

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Khiree Cross Ap Summer Reading Assignment
The Awakening By: Kate Chopin
July 18, 2013

Part One
The setting of The Awakening so far is in the Grand Isle, a popular place for a summer vacation where wealthy people go. The Grand Isle is a spot where all the wealthy Creoles, from New Orleans, go for the summer to relax, and have fun. The time setting seems to be in the early 1900s because of the things they do and the lack of technology. The husband of Edna, Leonce, go away on a trip and on this trip he sends her chocolates which no one in the present time eats anymore. The tone of The Awakening at the start is a relaxed and peaceful one. As the story progresses is becomes a more serious ...view middle of the document...

Those others? Bah!". Robert comes off as the player type in this book. He makes Creole women fall in love when he means none of it. But he meets Edna and appears to be serious about what he says to her. He explains that to Adele that he really means what he says to her and I believe him.

Part Three
The three main problems in this story so far are Edna wants to find her own independence, Roberts serious feelings towards Edna a married woman, and Edna’s need for sexual attention. Edna is starting to realize that she is not fit for the motherly figure like every other Creole woman. She realizes that she wants to be her own woman and that causes problems. She takes care of the children but doesn’t show much love towards them like a normal mother would. She encounters another problem when she meets Robert and realizes she likes him. Robert usually finds a different Creole woman every summer but Edna was different to him. The main problem with that is Edna is married to Leonce. Edna feels as if she is not being sexually satisfied by Leonce and wants more attention. Robert begins to flirt more and more with Edna pushing them two much closer. Edna really breaks free of her motherly title when she takes a swim, she fells independent and in control of her soul and body for once in her life. All the main problems in this story revolve around Edna and her path to finding herself.

Part Four
The reason I chose this article to relate to The Awakening is because, so far in the story Edna is expected to be a typical Creole housewife, and obey what Leonce says. She is getting fed up with his demands, and her not being able to do as she pleases. She begins to realize that she doesn’t have to obey everything Leonce tells her to do because she is her own woman. This article goes into detail about how people are trying to bring back the housewife figure in America. It talks about them getting degrees on child psychology, cleaning and etc. That will cause lots of problems in homes and women will begin to rebel just like Edna did. Edna wanted to find her way to independence with or without her husband. When she met Robert and he began to flirt she fell in love. She felt like he was what she needed to fell free and become her own woman. This article would make Edna very upset if she was real, because it portrays what she is trying to go against, and that’s women becoming housewives.
The Housewife Stereotype Lives On
By Bonnie Erbe
August 27, 2007 RSS Feed HYPERLINK ""Print
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