Summer Of Love Film Paper

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“Summer of Love” Film Paper

The documentary film Summer of Love is about the year of 1967 when the children from the baby boom generation had grown up and were now in their college years, but instead of going to school chose instead to change the world. These young people had grown up experiencing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, men constantly being drafted into the Vietnam War which was killing more than one hundred soldiers per week, and the civil rights struggles. There continued to be a deep anxiety about communism taking over the United States and the threat of atomic weapon. A part of that generation came to be known as “hippies,” who thought that they could bring ...view middle of the document...

But one interview stood out the most to me, a reporter that was going undercover and joining the life of the hippies in Haight-Ashbury. This reporter told his boss that he was not going undercover as a spy, if he was going to do this report he was going to live the way they were living and participate in everything they did. Considered “cool” because of the eye-patch he wore because of a car accident, he proceeded in the life of drugs, sex, rock and roll, peace and love. He later said he thought it was an “enjoyable alternative universe.” This primary source helps us to understand this point in history because this person was living the best of both worlds. He knew what the real world was like and he had a secure place in that world, but he got to take a break and live in the hippie world of peace and love and not just pretend, he made it his lifestyle for the time being. He made it feasible at the time for people to see why the baby boom generation was choosing to live the way they were, and what the purpose of their choices was. Even if many people did not agree with the hippie way of life they at least had the opportunity to understand, just like primary sources alike gave us the same opportunity today.
One piece of information that was interesting that I did not know about before was the end to my above summary, which was also the end of the Summer of Love. After spring break happened, the hippies were encouraging people from all over the nation to come and experience the change of living, except they did not anticipate what was about to happen. Newspaper headlines came out as “Hippies Warn San Francisco” of a summer invasion, and the mayor fired back resulting in headlines stating “Mayor Warns Hippies.” The mayor as well as the long-time residents were furious with the hippies, they were angry and determined to shut down this move. When summer came on June 21st, San Francisco was swarmed with tourists, vacationers, college students with no intentions of dropping out of college, and people who just wanted to see what it was like, but at the end go back to their regular lives. Children as young as thirteen and fourteen years old were running away from home getting caught up in very...

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