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Summary Of "Womb Tone" By Walter Murch, And Other Audio Productions

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"Womb Tone"This article states that for four and a half months, half of the time we are in the womb, we are developing our sense of hearing. An unborn infant has the opportunity to experience hearing before the other senses come into play. When a child is born it gets all of the four other senses at once; sight is the most dominant of these senses.One of the fist things a newborn baby experiences for the first time is silence. The Womb Tone clip, that I played at the beginning of the pod cast, shows us what the baby hears in the womb, and that it is never silent. Some of us like a little silence once in a while, but for an infant silence would be pretty scary.Another on of the first things an infant notices is the synchronization between the senses. It is quite interesting for them to see something and hear the noise it makes at the same time. For example: Mom is clapping her hands, so ...view middle of the document...

The weakness of today's cinema is that it takes a lot of the imagination on the viewers part out of the presentation. Media such as black and white photography, and paintings leave a lot to me imagined, and makes it a more personal experience for the audience.These two articles are very different in the way they are presented, but the similarity between the two is they both have to do with sound. Sound in media takes a close second to visual effects today.TelephoneThe telephone radio program from WBEZ in Chicago opens listeners' ears to how substantial a media the telephone can really be. It tells a story about a Beverly hills kid in high school that gets tangled up with drugs. His father noticed that something was not quite right so decided to monitor the phone calls going in and out of the house. Initially this ruined whatever kind of relationship he had with his son, but when his son told him he had found out about the recorder the father gave him the tapes to listen to. After being able to hear first hand how he sounded, and the way he was treating people, he decided to change his ways. The telephone is more intimate than a lot of people give it credit for. Also, people say things they wouldn't normally say on the telephone than in a face-to-face conversation. I think this is because the telephone shields you from sight, and makes a person more comfortable to say what they really mean.Dial-a-songThey Might be Giants, are a rock band that started out a phone line that you call and it plays one of their songs for you. This service was called, "Dial-a-Song." Their slogan was free if you call it from your work phone, but really the number was no more than a local call. Another interesting tidbit of information that is not mentioned is They Might Be Giants wrote Boss of Me, which is the theme song for the hit TV show, Malcom in the Middle.Both of these radio programs gave me a new perspective, on how moved someone can be by a sound experience. I was overwhelmed with thoughts and emotion to the point where I couldn't have possibly done anything else other than listen intently, and that to me is good media.

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