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Summary Of The Shot Story “Just Like That”

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Summary of the Shot Story “Just like that”
The story is about a boy who is on a hunting trip whit a man. They are hunting kangaroos and shoot them whit a rifle. In the beginning the boy is fascinated when he look the man kills the first kangaroo. The bloods are coming out of the kangaroo’s nostrils, and for the boy is were the first time he so a ...view middle of the document...

After the killing they left the dead kangaroos to rot. Next the boy starts to shoot and kill a kangaroo. He feels nothing and is surprised him how easily it is to hit the kangaroo. After the kill the boy feels a disappointment. The kill should give him a sense of becoming a man – and now he realize that no chance had happened. By following the river they came to a large mob of kangaroos. The just start to shoot the kangaroos until the ammunition was spent in the cartridge magazine. The man puts a bullet in every kangaroo’s brain, and in that moment the boy feels that something inside him dies. Next they meet the grandfather of all kangaroos. The man push the boy to shoot the big kangaroo, but the boy is hesitated. Eventually the boy kills the big kangaroo and he feels his hands sweating. The big kangaroo are dead – just like that. In the end the boy gets angry and feels empty. Maybe he kills the man? – just like that.



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