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BROOKS MUSEUMThe Brook Museum comprises of art from Africa, European, Asia, and the Americas. These arts dated back as far as the 13th century to the most recent art works of modern artists. The Brooks Museum embraces the art of Italian Renaissance and Baroque works from the most famous artists such as Girolamo Romanio, Sebastiano Ricci, Canaletto, and much more.As I enter the Brook Museum, I was greeted by a group of citizens from a retirement community on their field trip. They were excited as I am to see some of the art that were presented in their days. Inside the entrance of the museum, a two stories wood tower stood high to greet everyone that enters. It plays music videos of Elvis and ...view middle of the document...

In this painting, she dreamt that she was a bride of Christ and woke up with his ring on her finger... The story is much longer, but that is all I can remember for right now. When the tour guide told me the story, I was interested and touch by it because in the end, St. Catherine was beheaded and bled milk; give me Goosebumps. The next painting that interests me was the Portraits of a Man of Letters done by Jacopo Bassano. This painting has dark hues and was done on oil on canvas. The painting was large of an old man, long bear and a book full of letters. This painting gives me a calm and relaxing feeling. It also asks me many questions for example what are these letters for, who are they to, and what does it says?The next room I enter was the Artist and Writer Protestant in Vietnam. This room gives me a different atmosphere from the others. The image of a Vietnamese lady and her child on the Kill for Peace 1967 by Carol Summer on silk screen brings back the image of my mother and many other Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. The image of fear but yet strong in the image represents the women of Vietnam during the ferocious war. I learned that artists played an important role during the Vietnam War protest. Artists such as Mark Suvero, Carol Summers, and many more protest by painting painful images of the war that caught everyone attention.Being bother by the image, I headed for the next gallery. On the way, I spotted a beautiful work by Leon Koury called Compress Worker. It was a beautiful bronze sculpture of a working African American man wearing gloves. He is built and seems like a very hard worker. Next to the sculpture is a big poster in two huge letters IM (Invisible Man) done by Tim Rollins. The work was done on book pages, gesso, and acrylic on canvas. The big canvas cover with two enormous letters IM and between these letters, it contains chapters of the book. I have read this book during my high school year and seeing this book in art, I thought it was very neat and creative.The next stop was the British lusterwares. These lusterwares are very beautiful. They have rich designs and seem very rare. With gold and silver color, these lusterwares seem very luxury and probably own by royal families. It was so beautiful that I wonder who could use it to drink tea. If I have one of these at my house, I will put it in a glass cabinet and never use it, only to decorate. The next piece I was attractive to was the Longcase Clock by John Watts. The clock is tall with beautiful wood design. Compare to...

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