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Summary Of New Testament Books Essay

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Stephanie Strickland
July 8, 2011
Summary of the books of the New Testament


The Book of Matthew is one of the four Gospels. The reason Matthew wrote the book was to show the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah that was promised to come. He does this by showing the Jews how Jesus fulfilled prophecies that were foretold in the Old Testament. He also details for them the lineage of Jesus to David. Matthew then tells us a little bit about Jesus’ early childhood and then he moves into the ministry of Jesus. He tells us about the Sermon on the Mount, what the disciples’ purpose and mission were to be, and about the hypocrisy and the future. He finishes up the ...view middle of the document...


The Book of Ephesians is of the epistle genre. Paul wrote this book for those who strived to have a Christ-like maturity. He talks about our standing in Christ and how important it is as followers of Jesus that we know who we are in Jesus. He talks about how we need to become grounded in the knowledge of God and everything He has done for us. We need to continue to strengthen our walk with God so that we no longer fall for false teachings. Paul wanted to help equip a maturing church and teach them about the authority they have as a believer in Christ. A study of the book of Ephesians will help the believer know how they can fulfill the purpose and calling that He has placed in their life. It is important to remember that in order to live out our lives practically for God; we first need to know who we are in Him doctrinally.


The Book of James is of the epistle genre. James, the brother of Jesus, is the writer of this book. James outlines for us the faith walk through genuine religion, faith, and wisdom. He begins by telling us what the overall traits of a genuine faith walk are. Then he discusses for us social justice and what faith in action looks like. Next he describes for us what the difference is between godly wisdom and...

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