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Summary Humanities 2 Essay

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Bioethics refers to the systematic study if the human conduct in the areas of the life sciences and health care. Based on the foregoing arguments, these are the following issues, namely surrogate motherhood, drug addiction, suicide, murder, self-defense, euthanasia, capital punishment, abortion, and mutilation. Surrogate motherhood is the transaction through which a woman bears the child for the convenience of another woman. It is one of the progressive ways of alleviating infertility. However, Catholic Church is strong in saying that reproduction outside marriage is illicit, and therefore, immoral. Drug addiction is not immoral if the drug intake is meant ...view middle of the document...

It is morally allowable in the context of the principle called principle of totality.
Procreation is one of the ways wherein God avails man of the capacity to become His co-creator. This is why God ordains sex as sacred and holy and it must be done only in the context of marriage. Outside the scope of marriage, sexual gratifications become sexual perversions. To name a few of these are homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, beastiality, rape and incest among others. Homosexuality is a sexual attraction to and physical and emotional involvement with same gender. It is immoral since it enables sex partners to have sexual gratification without the benefit of procreation. Lesbianism is just the opposite of a homosexual. Psychologists and medical practitioners agree that it is possible to conceive of both homosexuality and lesbianism as caused by hormonal deficiency. In principle, the hormonal deficiency in a homosexual and a lesbian should not be considered as their license to commit immoral sexual acts. Masturbation is defined as an act of sexual stimulation or gratification by the use of the hands. Psychologist and doctors view masturbation as a natural part of human existence however; The Church views it as immoral since it is against the will of God....

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