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Business Communication

Chapter 14



Being Sensitive to Your Audience’s Needs

Reports and proposals that are highly technical, complex, or lengthy can put heavy demands on your readers, so the “you” attitude takes on even greater importance with these long messages.

Building Strong Relationships with Your Audience

Your report may continue to be read for months or years after you write them and reach audiences you never envisioned.

Controlling Your Style and Tone

If you know your readers reasonably well and your report is likely to meet with their approval, you can generally adopt a fairly informal ...view middle of the document...

Drafting Online Content

Localizing web content involves both translating the content and adapting it to local cultural norms and practices.

Helping Readers Find Their Way

Heading and Links

If your company doesn’t have a standard style guide or template for report headings, this simple design will work well for most reports.


Transitions connect ideas by helping readers move from one thought to the next.

Previews and Reviews

Previews help readers prepare for upcoming information, and reviews help them verify and clarify what they’ve just read.


Here are some of the most important ones for developing report and proposals:

• Templates.

• Linked and embedded documents.

• Electronic forms.

• Electronic documents.

• Multimedia documents.

Chapter 15



Formal reports have a higher degree of polish and production quality, and they often contain elements not found in informal reports.


The revision process is essentially the same for reports as for any business message, although it may take considerably more time, depending on the length of your document. Revising for clarity and conciseness is even more important for online reports, because reading online is more...

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