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Summary And Lit Review Of A Study On Early Intervention

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Bailey et al.’s Thirty-Six-Month Outcomes for Families of Children Who Have Disabilities and Participated in Early Intervention

Developmental delay is defined in (Part C) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal law that governs services to infants and toddlers from birth to age three and their families. Services cover a wide range of delays such as speech delays, hearing/visual impairments, and disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome, and cerebral palsy (Casanueva, et al., 2008). Programs are available to assist families based upon individual needs of the developmentally delayed or disabled infant/toddler (20 U.S.C. § 1431, et seq. ...view middle of the document...

This study addresses limitations of previous studies by expanding the family characteristics they examined ( rather than focusing on a single domain such as "parent satisfaction, parent teaching skills, stress"), by assessing "family outcomes at a consistent point in time", and by using a "nationally represented sample of these families” (Bailey et al, 2005, p.1347). The study and article had three objectives: (1) to discuss the outcomes from the families’ perspective after receiving the benefits of the early prevention programs, (2) to review the family’s perception of the impact of early interventions, and (3) to determine the extent in which selected child and family characteristics were associated with the variability in outcomes and the perceived impact of early intervention (Bailey et al, 2005, p1347). The study argued that the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) must involve a plan that incorporates families of disabled infants and toddlers ending at thirty-six months of age, using a “family-directed” approach (Bailey et al, 2005, p1346).
Tested Hypothesis.
In this study there was no defined hypothesis being tested; rather an assessment of the efficacy of early intervention programs was analyzed. The inferred hypothesis suggests the earlier the intervention, the more successful the results will be in reducing the “negative effects of a disabling condition or risk factor and to promote optimal development…” (p. 1346)
Literature Review
The sources cited in the Bailey study are credible, including peer reviewed and medical journals. However, only about a third of all of the references are within five years of the publication of the study itself. The 2000-2005 articles included in the study’s examined literature, topics include: the effectiveness of early childhood development programs; effects of Early Childhood Intervention programs on the family; family centered practices from birth through high school; a national perspective on first experiences with early intervention; parental involvement and family support of early intervention and preschool programs; services promoting child development to age 3 years; and the effects of the Healthy Steps program, among others. Five of the twenty-eight references were also written by DB Bailey. The study’s references focusing on IEP/ISPs for children with physical disabilities were not within the five year time frame.
Bailey et al.’s 2005 study was based on a large and nationally representative sample of families of children with disabilities. Data came from a single forty minute telephone survey (interview) conducted with the original contact person, single survey interview, at the child’s age of thirty-six months. Interview items included quality of services, informal support, optimism about the future, confidence in parenting, and perceived program impact on child and family. The interview was automated via a computer-assisted telephone interviewing system available in...

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