Summary And Analysis: The Relationship Between Divorced Mothers’ Perceived Control Over Child Rearing And Children’s Post Divorce Development

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Summary and Analysis

The Relationship between Divorced Mothers' Perceived Control over Child Rearing and Children's Post-Divorce Development

Sandra Machida and Susan D. Holloway

Raissa Abigail Key
Erica May Naranjo
Edgar Jerald Pajaro
Reena Mae Pascual

Dr. Sherlyne Almonte- Acosta
Introduction to Childhood Development

Divorced parents usually end up having bad relationships with their children and their parenting styles are not consistent. In this study the hypothesis is that mothers' beliefs about their role in guiding children's development and their perceptions of controllability are impotant correlates of children's development ...view middle of the document...

The study also shows that the children of mothers who felt responsible for their children's misbehavior had lower self-esteem. It may be because of overly controlling of parents especially during misbehavior. It appears that mothers who takes child rearing responsibly allows children to develop without guilt or shame. Intimacy and trust is also important for a family to adjust.
The sample for the study included 58 divorced, single mothers and their preschool-age children. Three of the mothers were black; the remaining participants were white. There were 35 boys and 23 girls in the sample. About two-thirds of the mothers lived in a university community in Northern California while the remaining one third were drawn from a suburban community in Maryland.
Familial variables such as time since separation and sex of target child were taken from demographic section of mother interview. Perceived degree of harmony between the father and mother was determined by how well the mothers reported they got along with their former spouses; ratings were made from 1 to 6. Perceived regularity of father-child contact by mothers was rated on a scale of 1 to 8.
Mother belief variables such as maternal perceived control, composite (coefficient alpha = .73) was created thru the summation of the responses on a 6-point Likert-type scale indicating a belief of control over their child's behavior in a particular situation; 5 recent positive events and 5 negative events that their children are involved with. For the internal attributions for positive events and internal attributions for negative events, the same set of events was used. Mother's were asked to what they attributed to their child's behavior, the attributions were coded as referring to factors external (0) or internal to the mother (1). Composite scores were calculated by summing scores separately for positive and negative events. G factor was calculated to test for internal consistency of this measure. The reliability coefficients were .55 and .53 for positive and negative events, respectively.
Child Outcome Measures
To assess child's knowledge, the Cooperative Pre-school Inventory, which has 64 items was administered individually to the children. The internal reliability alpha for the total score was .87. To assess task orientation, a score was calculated by totaling the scores of the task orientation subscale (5 items) on the Child Behavior Inventory. The CBI had a reliability coefficient of .90. To assess child's self-esteem, the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance was used; composed of 20 items divided into four subscales (cognitive competence, peer acceptance, physical competence, and maternal acceptance). Administered individually, a child is asked to rate herself on a 4-point Likert-type scale. The alpha coefficient for the total score was .81. To assess symptoms, the Child Behavior Checklist, consists of 112 symptoms answerable by...

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