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Summarise The Main Development Of A Child From The Age Ranges: 0 2, 3 5, 5 8

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1. Summarise the main development of a child from the age ranges:
• 0-2 years
• 3-5 years
• 5-8 years
Development refers to the process of learning new skills and abilities, and acquiring emotional maturity. All development changes are the result of both genetic and environmental factors. Genetic factors and diet are in the main responsible for growth, whereas environmental factors such as quality of the diet and disease are responsible for the emotional growth.

‘Child development’ is the term given to the growth of babies through childhood. Although all children will go through the same stages of development, they will do so at varying speeds. There are five key stages of development ...view middle of the document...

3-5 years
Children by 3 years will be able to walk, run and jump from low heights. They may even be able to ride a tricycle. When a child reaches 4 years they will be able to catch, throw and kick a ball with total confidence. They will be able to walk in a straight line.

5-8 years
By the time a child reaches 5 they should have mastered how to use a variety of equipment and their physical ability will have greatly improved. They will be confident playing simple ball games, be able to hop, skip and move to music. Their drawings will start to resemble their intended objects. Between the ages of 6-8 years a child should have the confidence to jump from heights, run distances and ride a bike without stabilizers. As a child gets older they will become more willing to try new things and stretch themselves further. They will be more confident playing complex games and taking part as a team member.
Intellectual development
The growth of children in such a way that their brain becomes more and more capable of analysing, understanding and evaluating concepts to make sense of the world around them. A child’s intelligence enables him or her to adapt to various environments. Intellectual growth is rapid in infancy, moderate in childhood and slows down in youth.
0-2 years
Up to the age of 3 months baby will be able to focus on objects a few inches in front of them. They will try to make eye contact and will listen to people’s voices. Co-ordination begins to develop between 3-6 months and if they see something interesting they will reach out for it. Around 9 month’s baby will be able to take part in simple games such as peekaboo. From 9 months onwards their memory begins to develop, they may be able to wave goodbye and clap their hands. They will enjoy imitating people’s actions, sounds and even their moods. By 1 year they will be very good at focusing on particular aspects and begin to understand that people have different preferences.
At 2 years children will enjoy pretend play. They may also enjoy music and copy sounds from a variety of instruments.
3-5 years
At 3 years their concentration will increase and fine motor skills will develop which will enable the child to control a pencil and a paintbrush, they may also be able to use scissors to cut paper. By the age of 4 a child’s memory will be developing very quickly, they will be able to understand the concept of past and future. They will be able to do intricate things such as threading beads onto string or holding a pencil with accuracy and their drawings will be recognisable.
5-8 years
By the time a child reaches their 5th birthday they should be able to count confidently and recognise simple words. They will become interested in everything around them and ask endless questions. Between 6-8 years they should be able to read and write independently and as they progress through school they will become more confident and will take a wider view of the world and develop ways to expand on...

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