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Jack Nelson’s Problem
 As a new member of the board of directors for a local bank, Jack Nelson was being introduced to all the employees in the home office. When he was introduced to Ruth Johnson, he was curious about her work and asked her what the machine she was using did. Johnson replied that she really did not know what the machine was called or what it did. She explained that she had only been working there for 2 months. However, she did know precisely how to operate the machine. According to her supervisor, she was an excellent employee. At one of the branch offices, the supervisor in charge spoke to Nelson confidentially, telling
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The reasons for this dissatisfaction can range from a low salary to a bad work environment. Furthermore, In one of the branch offices, the supervisor stated that
“with customers to see and loans to be made, she had little time to work with the new employees as they came and went.” This means that training is inadequate, and the employees are less
equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful, which can lead to poor  performance. Since the employees seem to have the skills needed (Johnson precisely knew how to operate the machine, but did not know the name of machine), the problem here comes from the administration’s inability to help train the employees - not so much the employee’s lack of human capital.
2. Do you think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help?
Setting up an HR unit in the main office would definitely help. First of all, it can create a company-wide set of standards for employees that would fulfill the needs of the firm. In the  passage, it was stated that employees are hired without communication with the home office or other branches. This means that the lacks a universal definition of what is required from an employee - this disorganization is detrimental to the company as a whole. With an HR unit standardizing the job description and the qualifications needed from an employee, it could find  better candidates, thus lowering the turnover rate. The passage also states that supervisors did not have time to work with new employees, and they mainly focused on replacing workers who quit. Having the HR unit could also help retain the employees, and it would work to be that support system that would give the employees the attention they need.

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