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Suggest How Family Life Might Be Affected When A Member Is Severely Depressed. What Kind Of Support Would Be Helpful?

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One of the depression I will name today will be borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is a condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable or turbulent emotions, such as feelings about themselves and others. These inner experiences often cause them to take impulsive actions and have chaotic relationships.
The causes of BPD can be due to genetic, family and social factors. Some of the factors that can increase the chances of someone getting BPD will be like disrupted family life, poor communication in the family, sexual abuse, abandon childhood and etc. This depression is normally found in woman than men. Example like Suzanna, her mum ...view middle of the document...

Some of the people identify with this symptoms might not be truly ill as they did all this for a reason. However they will be labelled as the type 2 and after being sent in to the mental care, most would stereotype and think that they are really insane.
All this would bring different impact to different type of family. In average, there will be impacts like suicide threats and attempts, self-inflicted injuries, outbursts of rage and recrimination, impulsive marriages, divorces, pregnancies and abortions; repeated starting and stopping of jobs and school careers, and a pervasive sense, on the part of the family, of being unable to help or they might experience psychological trauma. Other than that on the patient them self they will lose their jobs, shattered relationships, families alienated and the end result is all too often the failure of a promising life, or a tragic suicide.
Supports that might be helpful will be sending the BPD patient to therapy usually consisting of 2-3 therapy session per week. The therapist would work with the patient to understand the meanings and motives of his or her behaviour, and to strengthen his or her capacity to endure frustration, anger and loneliness without acting impulsively upon those feelings. Medications that can help them control their mood swings. Hospital/community treatment that allows patients to talk to each other and help each other understand their problems, so that they can support each other.

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