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Successful Pr Campaigns Essay

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Aimee Lafleur
Successful PR Campaigns
MT359: Advertising, Promotion, PR: IMCS

Marketing a product is critical to its success and using different public relations campaigns is a way of getting the name out there. PR campaigns can be positive or negative but in some cases this does not matter. The objective is to have potential customers talking about the product. As technology and mass marketing advances companies realize this is the best platform to display their PR campaigns. The tricky part is in standing out amongst the crowd of so many.
One of the most successful PR campaign was actually done by a battery company by the name of Rayovac. Who would have thought that such ...view middle of the document...

This part may have been missed during the PR campaign as to how to now intrigue those that are now following to now go from following to purchasing. This was later accomplished the following year in December 2012 when Rayovac had a repeat of their “snow ball party” (, 2012). This time the company included fun trivia games where prizes were awarded. There was a point when the hashtag “#rayovac” was the 3rd most used and trending hashtag. This is a great accomplishment for the company.
Another company that took twitter by storm for a creative PR campaign was KFC. They wanted to get the word out about their great scholarship program they offered for $20,000 to students (Black, L., 2011). How could applying for this scholarship also help the company financially? With the millions of scholarships awarded out each year KFC needed to do something much different to stand out. The PR campaign KFC launched changed the way of scholarship applications. Using mass media to give away $20,000 had not been used like this. It was creative and drew a lot of attention to the company. All applicants had to do was tweet in less than 140 characters why they deserved to when the KFC scholarship. A total of 2,800 people applied through this unusual but very popular application process (Black, L., 2011). There was buzz all over the news media. CNN reported, the chain wanted to help others. “This year, through one of the hottest emerging forms of media, we want to offer students a creative way to realize their dreams of obtaining a college education” was quoted from the KFC chain, (, 2010). The tactics here drew college students to...

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