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Successful Communication Essay

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“Simple Rules for Successful Communication in the Business and Professional World”

Communication can land you your next client or ruin your career. It is the most vital skill in a professional setting. Defined as the interchange of ideas, communication can be oral, written, verbal, and nonverbal (D). It generally occurs on a face to face basis though it has become increasingly written via the internet on email, Facebook, and Twitter in today’s society. In the business world, good communication is an essential part to its existence. It must be efficient and effective. In every meeting, conference room, phone call, and memo, the words that are written and spoken transmit what is vital to ...view middle of the document...

When mistakes are made, communication is essential in learning from and rising above them.
You must properly understand that as you begin in the business world, your role is that of the listener. Listen to your boss; listen to those above you. They can provide the pivotal insight to help you learn and become a leader in your profession. Listen to every word that is being said. People like it when you find interest in what they are saying and are more willing to help you when you are in a bind if they know you will hear what they have to say. Offer non-verbal forms of communication when engaging in a conversation with someone. These can be, but are not limited to, nodding your head, raising your eyebrows, and pursing your lips. One thing you should never do is cross your arms. It can be seen as you being defensive or not willing to accept their words or ideas.
Assumptions can ruin a career. You assume that you are next in line for the promotion so you slack off or just do what is necessary for the day. Then you don’t get the promotion and you wonder why. In the business world, steer away from making assumptions as they can cause the failure you fear. When you assume, you feel like you do not have to ask questions or listen, which are killers of communication. As you assume, you begin to see yourself as something different than what is really happening. Remember that every individual’s experiences are different and they offer insight that can help you become successful but you must listen and communicate with them to get this pivotal information. The advice they may have to offer you may be the bit of information that gives you a leg up, not only in the position that you are in but for your next promotion or job you embark on.
In the business world, you must know what you are talking about and communicating to others. Always be up to date on current events to use in conversation – this gives you something to discuss other than yourself. You need to be credible with what you are saying both nonverbally and verbally. Someone is always listening and watching as to what you have to say. An example of this idea comes from President George H.W. Bush when he said, “Read my lips: no new taxes.” However, he raised taxes shortly after. Even though it was smart economics he was playing when he raised the taxes, it made him lose is credibility in the eyes of the American people. Apply the old saying, “say what you mean and mean what you say” when preparing any form of communication in the professional world (C). Stick to what you say and go forth and conquer.
Following up with credibility, you must also be consistent in how, when, where, and what you communicate. Consistency breeds continuity and continuity brings success. Inconsistent communication brings in animosity and will sink any operation that is afloat. By being consistent you avoid building confusion throughout the office. If you are consistent in how you operate with...

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