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Success Of The Domestic Policies Of The Nazi Party

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Success of the Domestic Policies of the Nazi Party

On obtaining power in 1933 the Nazi Party set about trying to
transform German society in preparation for what Hitler called the
1000 Year Reich. This transformation would set German industry on a
war footing. It would ensure that the youth of Germany were brought up
as loyal Nazi's. Finally and most significantly the Nazi party put
into practice their racial theory that would set them on course for
committing the worst acts of human genocide that the world has ever

The most pressing issue on coming to power was the economy. The Nazi
Party were elected after all on the promise of "Bread and ...view middle of the document...

Nobody of course complained when they did
not receive the vehicle.

The economic policies were all part of Helmut Schacht's four-year
plan. It has been described as an economic miracle because of the
impact on unemployment, which fell to almost 300,000 by 1939. Yet this
does tell the whole story. It fails to mention that many women were
taken out of unemployment figures, Jews ware not counted and of course
conscription into the army took another million men. Unemployment was
falling rapidly at the end of 1932 well before the Nazi's took office.

With these falls in unemployment one would also assume that this would
have the effect of increasing living standards again this did not
happen. The overall effect was that the emphasis on military
production meant that Germans had little if anything to buy
themselves. Although prices did not rise significantly there were huge
shortages of basic foodstuffs like white bread, butter, bacon and
milk. Consumption and wages in Germany in 1938 were below the levels
of 1928. Public spending was 30 billion Reich marks per year by 1938,
double that of the Weimar era. And people were on average working 12
hours more under than they were five years before.

Of course the fall in living standards was made up for by increased
leisure activities organised by the KDF or the strength through joy
movement. Cruises, theatre trips camping holidays and trips to
Scandinavia were arranged for workers at very cheap rates.

The nazi social transformation also had an impact on women. Hitler
believed that it was the duty of women to produce children for the
nation in preparation for Lebensraum. People would be needed to settle
in Greater Germany. In order to obtain this Marriage loans were given
out that equated to nine months salary. After the birth of the fourth
child it did not have to be paid back. The Motherhood Cross was given
out to mothers who had four or more children. Even Lebesborn's were
set up in many high streets where racially pure SS officers could make
women pregnant. The Birth rate was thus increased by 25 %. As well as
this the Nazi's stated that they wanted to take over 800,000 women out
of employment, as a result doctors, layers, judges and teachers were
sacked. Again this backfired s a serious shortage of Labour occurred
in Germany forcing the Nazi party into a U-turn that compelled women
into a duty year.

Another important aspect of domestic policy was the transformation of
the education system. Hitler realised that the key to maintaining
power was by controlling the youth of Germany. If he could brainwash
the youth at an early enough age their loyalty would be guaranteed.
The whole education system was geared towards creating young Nazis.
All of the Teachers were forced to join the Nazi Teachers Association,
those who did not were,...

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