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Yes most people are aware of the dangers of use and abuse of substances, but why do they continue to use them? There is not one specific answer to solve this general question. Each person’s situation can vary. For example, an individual might suffer from depression, mental illnesses, or anxiety and then lean towards drugs and/or alcohol to ease their pain. These substances can serve as a ...view middle of the document...

He/she might be aware of the dangers of these substances, but they still have an interest in using them, or continuing the use of them because their celebrity role models do so. One more example might be a stress reliever. Drugs and liquor can be used to escape reality and be used as a form of relation. Most believe that the side effects/ negatives are nothing compared to the positives.
That may lead to some people asking, “What are the side effects or negatives of substance abuse?”
Some of these may include physical health issues such as addiction, dependency, withdrawal symptoms, memory loss and the list goes on. Some social issues may occur as well, such as your damaged relationships with friends and loved ones. Grades might begin to decline and behaviors around your peers may change. If an addiction were to happen, then finances may be in jeopardy. Funds saved for a priority may be used to supply or feed the need for these substances. These are just a few of the many consequences of substance use and abuse. Which may make some people wonder, “Do the pros really outweigh the cons?”

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