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Submitted Work Essay

678 words - 3 pages

Rubric for discussion question 1
No Attempt
0 points
Below Expectations: 1
Below Developing: 2
Developing: 3
Below Exemplary: 4
Exemplary: 5
Describe a company that you believe represents the 4 Cs well.
Does not describe company
Merely gives name of company, does not give any background about the 4 Cs
Does not provide analysis and/or interpretation of 4Cs by using a real life example

Made a general statement about 4Cs.

Total post is too short and not fully developed (below 5 sentences)
Provided 2 examples of why believe they are successful at it but the total post was not developed.

Interpretation of how these examples relate to the 4Cs is needed

Total ...view middle of the document...

All of the other guidelines are followed.
What recommendations would you give the company who needs to update their approach?
Does not provide a personal opinion about how situation could be handled differently
The recommendation is not tied to the 4Cs
The recommendation is tied to the 4Cs, but does not represent a change in what the company is currently doing

Total post is too short and not fully developed (below 5 sentences)
The recommendation while present, is not fully explained as to why it would work

Total Post is too short to be fully developed. (below 10 sentences more than 5 sentences)
The post content is fine, but the formatting contains grammar, spelling, or other formatting mistakes
The discussion points were identified and described with high accuracy, and all appropriate information was identified and discussed clearly.

All of the other guidelines are followed.
Peer Post
Does not post to peer
The student merely restates/summarizes another student’s response

The student merely states an opinion or offers a...

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