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Subject: Cultural Challenges Coming From European Integration And Globalization Processes Current In European Union

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The cultural challenges that Europe is facing now
Subject: Cultural challenges coming from European integration and globalization processes current in European Union.

In the post war period Europe started to go through many processes of integration. With the time passage this processes started to have a bigger geographical range as well as they started to be present in more dimensions of social, economic and political life. On the top of that strong globalization processes are taking place all over the world, which also has its strong reflection in shape of Europe.
Economy, culture and educational become one of the main issues for Europe in globalization and integration ...view middle of the document...


From European integration to national identity
On the one side we face the national or regional identity and identification with particular community on the other side European integration processes and globalization tendency which lead to standardization of values and social needs create a certain European identity. Now the main, overwhelming subject is integration however, it turns out that national, ethnic and communities differences grows stronger at the same time. Despite theoretical integration we still have a strong and visible borders in terms of mentality, wealth, religion and many others. Some of this borders are strong and have a typically historical and relatively unchanged so far structure.
In light research by Geert Hoefstede we can see the significant cultural differences between European countries. Moreover, we can assume that this differences has also regional character. This studies were published quite some years ago. However, despite a further integration process the differences visible in a publication don’t seems to diminish. There is a still visible difference between “Latin and Germanic minds”. Strong differences in terms of e.g. Masculinity even in neighbor countries such as Germany and Denmark. The differences in individualism indexes e.g. in culturally close Ireland and Great Britain. What is more we can multiple such a examples.
Furthermore, we feel really different from each other. Often from early childhood we gone through sort of national indoctrination at schools. Our patriotism for centuries is considered important and valuable ​​in human life or even as one of the pillars of morality. European still feel a strong belonging to a nation which gives a peculiar sense of pride and fulfillment.
On the other extreme we the modern ideology of consumption, negating the selfless dedication and irrational motives of behavior, spirituality and patriotism is the object of ridicule, and in fact even cosmopolitanism is promoted.
Nevertheless, there are also attempts to create a sense of European belonging identity. The identity of a multinational thus a lot of policies has on its purpose to promote a common European culture. The Treaty of Amsterdam confirms the goal of economic and social cohesion.
Spending some time outside Europe is not hard to notice that here most of people feel European or even introduce themselves as being European not e.g German or French. Here our differences seems smaller, but it is also a sign that deep in our minds wng to feel about ourselv as European from European culture.
Stronger migration processes promote ligusitic skills and ability to communicate in few languages. This is strongly present among young people who on the top of that often used to live in few European countries. This growing generation contribute to “European identity”.
However we should remember the European Union’s motto “united in diversity” . This should be the leading idea in all processes and future...

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