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Subculture Essay

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Matt Kertz
Maggie McDermott
Football Subculture
American Football, has grown into one of the most popular sports in the United States, all levels of the sport are loved by the American people. Every weekend family, friends, and fans gather around the football field to cheer on the team of their choice, and take part in one of Americas favorite past times. But high school football is in a league of its own, the players are more than a subculture, almost a family. To play a sport as intense as football the players must carry a specific set of traits the players must be, mentally tough, teammates, and most importantly be a good leader.
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By forcing all the players to go out on the field with one common goal (to win) a trust is built and friendships are made, because each person knows that if the guy next to them doesn’t do their job the team can’t win.
Everything in life that’s worth doing will take some degree of mental toughness, football takes that saying to another level. In the book “Mental Toughness Training for Sports,” author James Loehr states; "Toughness is the ability to consistently perform toward the upper range of your talent and skill regardless of competitive circumstances" (Loehr 2). Once in high school players must devote their lives to the sport, doing things like lifting and practice on a daily basis, making it more of a way of life than just a sport. Mental toughness isn’t just the ability to push through the training and pain of the game, it involves being able to understand your emotions and overcome them on the field. Four emotional traits players need to succeed on the field is to be flexible, able to handle adversity in a calm and non-defensive manor, resilient, players must be able to bounce back from a bad play immediately, strong, players must be able to have the “never say die” spirt no matter the situation, and finally they must be responsive, if players are emotionally withdraw their edge is lost.
Being a good teammate is vital to football players, without it success is impossible. Like wolves hunting in a pack, football players can accomplish far more in numbers, than individually. By being a good teammate makes everybody’s job become easier, in a perfect world each player would do their job perfectly every time, but since that will never happen players have to have each other’s backs. For example, if a team has a defensive tackle that pulls a double team every play that is going to benefit all the other linemen, because that is one less guy they have...

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