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Sub Culture Essay

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Tattooing, counterculture or new

Livid mystical creatures or infuriated warriors vying for every inch of space on the piece of canvas we called skin. More and more people today are having their bodies tattooed by choice and for myriad reasons.

Do having tattoo in this post-renaissance period still serve as an accurate predicator of aberrant behaviour? In our society, people from our older generation who spotted tattoos are either gangs affiliated members or people engaging in nefarious activities, thus bearing such marking will attract remarks akin to signs of rebellion or the marks of a miscreant. Nonetheless, today, we are beginning to see a paradigm shift regarding the use of tattoo in our conservative society. This form of body modification is now sought after by the fashion hungry and it is said that the reason for this transition is attributable to westernisation.

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It has percolated through the entire societal fabric; its credential is incontrovertible and may be found on many a famous people.

It has to be argued that though it seems popular to be seen with tattoos, it is still dangerous in a way to be seen with tattoo in Singapore. This form of bodily modification is neither sanctioned nor considered morally safe. Moreover, there is a frisson of the counterculture. Hence, sporting tattoos in Singapore somehow invokes a certain degree of discrimination from a substantial population.

Photo source: Tan Kok Leng, Mark
Photo source: Tan Kok Leng, Mark
Gangster inspired tattoo blatantly showing on both arms, bespectacled Mohammad Riduan, 28, remains indifferent when speaking about discrimination issues he faces in his workplace. “People can stare all they want, I cannot control them but one day they will accept tattoo is also a kind of art,” (sic) he explained nonchalantly. He is currently working in one of Eighteen Chefs restaurants, a local social enterprise that aims to provide delinquents and ex-convicts a non-judgemental working environment.

What was initially thought of as an artistic manner to broadcast to the world what they are about, these people have since found their self-expression through body art subjected to discriminatory policies. So, is the world really their oyster for people with ink on their body? Indeed it is regrettable that Singapore being on the forefront of technological advancement, economic and even advocating art studies in recent years can be so reluctant to accept individualism behaviours. Or is it most people are simply being sanctimonious. How can we be a more forgiving and liberal society if we have such confined and narrow mindset.

Gradually tattoo has seeped across our social stratum and will eventually gain its band of loyal advocates. Copycat behaviour or otherwise, tattoo are here to stay and perhaps to welcome with open arms will allow us to appreciate the beauty of it.

“Having tattoo does not make me a bad man, nor does having none makes you righteous. It is a uniquely me thing.” (sic) Said Riduan before heading back into the kitchen.

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