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Styles Of Leadership Essay

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Styles of Leadership
“The appropriateness of one’s leadership style can have an impact on many areas of the organization.” (Rue & Byars, 2010) We all know this is true and many of us have experienced it for ourselves. The type of leadership that is used effects the organization at one point or another, whether it is good or bad. In the process the morale is affected by whatever type of leadership is in play. Knowing that this could play out either way, it would beneficial to use an appropriate leadership style, because “morale can have a very significant impact on many variables.” (Rue & Byars, 2010) Some of those variables to consider would be turnover within the organization, attendance, ...view middle of the document...

” (Rue & Byars, 2010) After experiencing this type of leadership, I would be so grateful to not have to ever again. Not only is it a bad for the organization, but it also plays a role in declining employee development. A supervisor I had, named Connie, was a great person in general, but had absolutely no business being our supervisor. Connie was not a confident supervisor and she would even admit it. She would leave everything up to us, which definitely reflected poorly on our production. It would also cause us to be uninterested in our work, as well as very low morale and teamwork. We had no one there telling us either what to do or encouraging us to figure it out on our own. This is a very poor leadership and I do not see how it would be effective or appropriate in any way.
Another example of a leadership style I have experienced would be from my current supervisor, David. David style imitates directive and autocratic leadership styles. He is very aware of his position and power over our department, but doesn’t take the time to examine our efforts or KSAs. In return, the work that is being done does not excel any further than his demands. He sees us being there for only the necessary reasons, to do what he says to get the job done and money. David doesn’t encourage us to develop within ourselves, he simply tells us what needs to be done and how and expects us to do it. David is incorporating different styles into his leadership, but I wouldn’t necessary say it is effective or appropriate. David doesn’t have a full understanding of what our jobs consist of, and with the ever-changing world we live it, he normally is behind. His leadership styles become frustrating to us and really cause us to shut down. No matter how many times we try to explain to him or try to implement more effective ways, he doesn’t seem to care. He has the right idea of incorporating different styles together, but I do...

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