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Stuff Essay

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Easter Island By: Chelsie & Andrea Jacob Roggeveen first discovered Easter Island, in 1722 on Easter Day. Jacob Roggeveen named Easter Island because he landed there on Easter Day. Since then it has been known as Easter Island.Moai's are a big history of Easter Island. There are 887 on the island. Originally there were 900 moai's on Easter Island. They are about 14 tons in weight on average. Also they are about 13 feet in height. There are special moai's that have been named and have a special historic site with in them. Moai's attract many tourists to Easter Island. The giants are one of the only historic items left on Easter Island. One of the ...view middle of the document...

The second meaning for ahu means a sacred ceremonial site where several moai stand. For example Ahu Akivi is a site with seven standing moai.Researchers say that they believe humans once lived on this island. They believe these people are no longer there because of deforestation and soil depletion. Between 1600 and 1722 there was a large decrease in population. Researchers say this decrease happened by food shortage.Easter Island is also as Rapa Nui, with its statues and unique writing systems known as Rongo-rongo. On Easter Island there has been wooden tablets uncovered by archaeologists that are of Polynesian descent. Archaeologists believe there arrival on the island was around 400 AD. This has brought researchers to a higher knowledge level about Easter Island.Chile claimed Easter Island as their own in 1988. Easter Island was believed to be made by three extinct volcanoes. Since this discovery it has been proved because no rivers run through Easter Island. Polynesians are believed to have inherited the island so now in late January and early February tapati was created. Tapati is a festival honoring the Polynesian cultural heritage of this island.Easter Island is a triangular-shaped island. It belongs to Chile and is located in the South Pacific Ocean, west of the Chilean coast. Large stone monuments are the great burial platforms, which support the statues on Easter Island. Excavations have disclosed hidden caves and numerous small wooden sculptures (tablets). The area of Easter Island is 117 square kilometers and the population is now 2,095.

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