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Studying Observation And Analysis

1000 words - 4 pages

Writing an Autoethnography gave me a chance to learn how I write my essay without getting distracted. I also learned that while writing essays or any other writing assignments, I usually procrastinate and put it off until the last minute. As I writer, I realized that writing should not be forced upon and instead it should be encouraged. While doing this assignment, I learned that I am a good writer but I just have to avoid distractions and write what my heart desires. Mainly, the purpose of this assignment is to have students spend one hour on writing and then evaluating themselves in the end on how they spend this one hour, whether they are focusing or feeling distracted. I believe this ...view middle of the document...

As I glanced at the clock, I realized that its 2:34 p.m. and it’s still a long time until the hour is finished. Currently, I am writing the second paragraph and while thinking about else to write, I look out the window to see if it stopped raining yet. While writing the essay, I began to feel hungry so I went to the kitchen and brought a bag of cookies and a can of Pepsi to my room. I realized that I should probably relax my mind and listen to some music so I can have more ideas for my essay. So, I opened iTunes and I put my playlist on shuffle. “Overdose” by Ryan Leslie began to play and I was singing along to the lyrics. Then, I opened the Microsoft word tab and finished the second paragraph.
Its 2:47 p.m. and I am in the middle of my third paragraph. I feel like I am running out of ideas and I just cannot think on what else to write. I believe I had writer’s block for a moment because I felt like my mind went completely blank.
I am looking at the clock every few seconds hoping the time would end soon but it’s only 3:05 p.m. I am finished with my fourth paragraph and currently working on my conclusion paragraph. I found this paragraph easy to finish because I basically just had to rephrase my introduction paragraph. Finally at 3:11 p.m. I was done writing the essay and I just couldn’t wait to evaluate myself and see how I did throughout writing the essay.
After observing myself on how I write the essay for one hour, I was extremely surprised that I actually focused on writing without many distractions. Usually when I write any assignment, it takes me...

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