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Study Strategies Essay

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Study Strategies Outline


Study Blueprint
A. C.S. Lewis asserts that "Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make
man a more clever devil.
B. Outlining is a basic skeleton of the presented information. Outline note taking has
always worked well for me to retain and reference details. Making sure that I have a
quiet, comfortable, well lit area void of distractions allows me to focus on my desired
C. Without a clear and precise study plan consisting of time management skills, note taking
strategies, and an effective reading plan, a student is guaranteed to fall behind and
struggle to complete any given assignment.
A. Pre-Reading
1. By reading over previous notes, skimming over the ...view middle of the document...

2. For most cases, concept mapping is a great way to establish main points, and
supporting details of the subject matter being evaluated.
C. Taking Outline Notes
1. Outline notes have a concise structure, giving clear organization to the
information being collected.
2. This method of note taking organizes information into main topics, sub-topics,
and supporting details with indentations made to separate each category.

III. Conclusion
A. It is imperative to read well, take clear and precise notes, and manage your time
accordingly to become a productive student.
B. Through careful review of your time and course material, using strategies such as prereading and outline noting, working in a distraction free environment, and striving to
preform at the best of your God given ability, you can learn and retain any information
presented to you.
C. Strategies that may also become helpful.
1. Spacing out my studies. Allowing time for breaks so that concentration does not
suffer, and allowing time for the consolidation of memories.
2. Reciting the information out loud to myself. Verbal repetition is known to cause
better retention.

Microsoft Word Outline and Rubric Evaluation Grading Rubric
Work is submitted in correct
outline form.
 Gains reader’s
 Includes thesis
 Includes 3 specific
learning strategies
 Includes supporting
 Draws work to
 Includes 2 new
strategies to employ
Outline is submitted correctly
along with completed rubric.
Instructor’s Comments:

Points Possible
0 to 8 points

Points Earned

0 to 5 points


0 to 15 points


0 to 5 points


0 to 7 points


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