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Study Skills Essay

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Study Skills Essay

I have chosen to study about Diabetes as I think it is important that everyone is aware of this disease. In the past year the amount of people diagnosed with Diabetes has risen to 2.8 million people, an increase of more than 150,000 people in a year. This means that one in twenty of the UK population now has Diabetes. (Diabetes UK, 2010). From my experience, working as a health care assistant on a ward in a local hospital trust, I have first hand knowledge that you could be caring for a number of patients with Diabetes at one time.

In this essay I shall be exploring different methods of study skills for my chosen topic. For each study skill that I have chosen, ...view middle of the document...

I also prepared my work area and made sure I had all the equipment I would need. After a week of this routine I realised it was working and I was achieving my goals each evening.

After reading the study guide, I considered my note making would be more effective following the advice given. Before reading the guide I would write everything word for word from books and in lectures from the power points. From the information given in the guide I started using different colours for different sections, which helped the information to stand out. I wrote in abbreviations that I would understand and in my own words to make it more understandable when I re-read the information at a later date. I also drew spider diagrams for keywords. (Cottrell, 2003). After using this technique for two weeks I found I was remembering more than before and also my notes were easier to read. I shall keep using this technique through university and when I am a qualified nurse as it will help me when I am in handover and when speaking to the doctors.

Using the library database to search for texts on Diabetes, I found several on the disease which proved to be useful. Firstly I wanted to find out what Diabetes was. After reading through the different books I came to the conclusion that Diabetes Mellitus was a metabolic disorder that resulted in a high concentration of glucose in the blood. (Handbook of Diabetes, 1999). I found that the text books I used were all very similar in the depth of the subject I wanted to study but very different in the layout and presentation of the information. Some of the textbooks used diagrams to explain what happened in the body due to Diabetes. I found this very useful as I retained the information for longer when it was in a diagram format as I could visualise what was happening in the body. I used textbooks as a source of information as they are more accurate than other sources such as the internet. The disadvantage of using textbooks is that the information can be outdated by the time it has been published as the process can take many years. (Cottrell, 2003). The use of textbooks is very effective in finding information as they contain everything you need to know about Diabetes. The use of the index also makes it a lot easier to find certain information that you need. In the future I would choose fewer textbooks to read and focus on maybe only two or three so that I do not spend valuable time reading many books that contain the same information.

As a Diabetic, my partner was given an information pack from his Doctor to help him understand and control his Diabetes. The Information and Resource Pack was developed in Worthing by the multi-disciplinary team from the Diabetes Working Group. The aim of the pack is to help the Diabetic control their Diabetes on a daily basis and to give them the information so that they know when and how to ask for help from a health care professional. It was also created to educate...

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