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Study Question Essay

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Study Questions--Hypothesis Testing

1. What are the appropriate statistical tests for the following:
* The hypothesis is that the average campaign contributions, in dollars, of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents differ.

* The hypothesis is that department store managers and boutique owners differ in the number of "yes" or "no" responses given to a question about interest in a new product.

* A manager suspects that the effect of a recent advertising campaign has had different effects on average store sales across the five states in her region.

* The hypothesis is a comparison of response rates in a survey in which half the respondents were given a cash ...view middle of the document...

0 | 1 | 308897.0 | 298.32 | .000 |
state | 6681.7 | 2 | 3340.9 | 3.22 | .043 |
error | 148068.5 | 143 | 1035.4 | | |
total | 459697.3 | 146 | | | |
corrected total | 154750.3 | 145 | | | |

A. What type analysis is this?

B. Interpret the analysis.

C. Does the analysis support the conclusion that Hawaii has the highest level of brand loyalty?

6. Below are the number of responses to the question, "Have you read a book in the past 3 months?":
Yes: 663
No: 851

A. Compute χ2obs.

B. Do the response support the hypothesis, "Most people don't read books?" at α = .05?

7. A researcher is asked to determine whether "better than $75,000" is a reasonable sales objective, i.e., can it be reached. The sales of 20 people and descriptive analysis follow. Test the hypothesis at α = .05.

Last years sales for 20 salespeople |
28,000 | 105,000 | 58,000 | 93,000 | 96,000 |
67,000 | 82,500 | 75,000 | 81,000 | 59,000 |
101,000 | 60,500 | 77,000 | 72,500 | 48,000 |
99,000 | 78,000 | 71,000 | 80,500 | 78,000 |

Count | 19 | Skewness | 0.01997 |
Mean | 78,000. | Skewness Standard Error | 0.49543 |
Mean LCL | 68,781.75326 | Kurtosis | 2.26662 |
Mean UCL | 87,218.24674 | Kurtosis Standard Error | 0.85149 |
Variance | 247,833,333.33333 | Alternative Skewness (Fisher's) | 0.02172 |
Standard Deviation |...

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