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Study Placement

Information about the university abroad and the courses taken
The Arabic program at Jordan Language Academy was divided into 3 major levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. All these levels included four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Special emphasis was put on grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. The standard percentage of Jordanian dialect that I was taught was 20%. Parallel to the Arabic program, Jordan Language Academy offered a cultural program that included: Arabic literature, Calligraphy, Archaeology of Jordan, Arabic society, Arabic media, Arabic music, Middle Eastern political issues, and Arabic culture (traditions, customs, ...view middle of the document...

In the calligraphy club I learnt how to write Arabic calligraphy in different styles and this helped me to improve my handwriting. I also attended the cinema club, where an Arabic film called Transit cities was shown with the subtitles in the Jordanian dialect. This film helped me to improve my Arabic speaking skills and I learnt about how some women are treated in the Arab society. This film also helped me to understand the Arab traditions and customs greatly. Adding to this, in the cultural I learnt about honour killings and how the rights of women were taken away from them in the Arabian culture.
During the weekends, I went to excursions offered by Jordan Language Academy to nearby archaeological sites, such as the castle of Harrana and the castle of Azraq. This linked to my studies as I learnt about the societal establishments in the Arabian civilization and how the travelers in the olden days used these castles as zawiyaas. I was also taken for a tour to the natural and wetland reserves of Azraq, where I saw different types of wildlife and how they became extinct, during the Umayyad and the Abbasid caliphate. From this trip, I learnt the names of different wildlife in Arabic and the history of Azraq.
I also visited Zaytoonah University where I learnt about different types of Arabic music, such as the dabke dance and I also saw how King Abdullah's birthday...

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